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Light font?

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Is it me or is the forum running out of toner? The font seems to be getting lighter over time. I can not adjust the browser to improve it.

Also at login there is no physical response; the login area is down below the screen so one thinks nothing happened. Just trying to be helpful šŸ˜€

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The font:



"The font:" above is much lighter than the uploaded example.

I could not see how to continue with the next image so IĀ  am here. I am using an HP x20LED; I can not get to the model number. Lets see what others say. For login one does not see the "Display Name" nor the "password" text. Perhaps removing the dead space above it would help?



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Seems like you are on low resolution screen and that the page is loaded in tablet mode. So that's why you see the menu like that, and possible font alteration. The white space is not empty is the advertising space that you ad blocker prevents from showing, so we can't do much about that. I will try to make the fonts a tone darker to see if this has any effect.


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