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Latching circuit board assistance needed


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Hello,  I am trying to wire up a latching switch circuit board and I need assistance.  Here is a picture of the board that I am using.  I just need to understand the schematics which is way over my head. I am attaching the momentary switch (in the picture) through the board to another matching switch

The switch is a 4 pole momentary switch as you will see if the pictures attached. 

Thank you in advance for the consideration on helping.


6-17-21 (4).jpg

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The 5 relays on the board are single pole - single  throw.  You wish to expand the number of contacts with you switch? What type are the switches?  You mention schematics? Where does the latching come in?

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Thank you for the reply. I am trying to connect the "4 pole switch" to this board like the sample picture attached.  in the example picture, I have a "2 pole" momentary switch hooked up through the board and have a led light on the other side to confirm connectivity of the latching board.  With this exact set up, I push the momentary switch and the other led lights up and stays on until I hit the momentary switch again.  

When I try to connect the 4 pole however, i cannot get it to work so I am definitely not connecting it correctly. That is where the confusion lies and I have been stuck. 


20210705_163944 edit.jpg

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So you have a double pole single throw switch. There are two sets of contacts in the switch. Two of the connectors connects to one set of contacts and the other pair of connectors connect to the other set of contacts. You need to know which pair of connectors connects to each set of contacts. I believe.



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