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Joystick control of two 12 v linear 25 amp linear actuators on a frontend loader.

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I have built an electric front end loader on my garden tractor and it works fine but I am using two reversible momentary switches to control lift and curl of the bucket. In this fashion I have no ability to gradually move the bucket because they are either on or off and any nuance is not available. I have seen some devices that control the loader with a joystick and a DC motor controller. I need the joystick to work in the X and Y axis. The Y axis will only be one actuator of 25 amps max, but the X axis will be two 25 amp actuators working in unison. I have seen the very small joystick controllers that control small motors but I need a heavier duty model. Can anyone here help me put together a unit? 


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Are you using the type of  actuators that have  brushed motors ?  I gather they have  switches  that limit their travel in each direction.

Also I see that folks are building controls using microcomputers like the Arduino but that seems like the hard way of getting one.

Are your actuators similar to this one?  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079G1NZHT/ref=emc_b_5_t?th=1

also look at these: https://www.progressiveautomations.com/collections/control-boxes? I gather their 30 amp dual controllers are only 15 amps each.  They have joysticks here:


This is like what you have  now? https://www.amazon.com/Forward-Reverse-Module-Actuator-Reversing/dp/B0881N7F4M/ref=sr_1_53?crid=25CETHKMKA6N1&keywords=linear%2Bactuator%2Bcontroller%2B12v&qid=1637517171&s=industrial&sprefix=Linear%2BActuator%2BController%2Cindustrial%2C232&sr=1-53&th=1


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These motor controllers may interest you: Motor control

Info on Youtube here: Review of control

And more info here: More motor control.

Reading the reviews/comments will give you more insight.

Could one mount  the potentiometers into a joystick control mechanically; some type of gimbal mount?  Adding push button switches to the control to reverse directions would be doable I think.  There maybe game type  joystick controls that have them already built in?

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