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PROJECT to replace a MMBT3904 in a Lenovo G710


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A Lenovo G710 has been delivered to me for repair. It was simple to fix the broken power plug. Yet, there is no power or charge.
I discovered a transistor that had a short between the base and emitter, preventing something from turning on. really challenging to follow those minute traces and vias.
Although I only brought the MMBT3904 on bitfoic electronics, I can replace it. The only significant difference between the PMBS3904 and the MMBT3904 is that the MMBT3904 has a 200mA collector current while the PMBS3904 only has a 100mA collector current. The issue is that while the MMBT3904's Max base current is 200mA, the PMBS3904's is only 100mA.
There is no mention of anything more than 100mA when the gain for both is the same.

Can they be interchangeable as is or should I order the PMBS3904?

If needed, please check the MMBT3904 datasheet

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