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  1. It is possible to harvest RF energy to power small loads like a small transmitter or bug but i don't think you can charge a mobile phone as it requires much energy. You can check online for "RF energy harvesting", it's an interesting topic to research and there are some special IC build for this purpose. Let us know your findings. 😉

  2. Here is the project page: http://www.electronics-lab.com/project/power-supply-brushless-motor-drivers/

    This board produces 400V output to power Brushless Servo Drivers, mainly IPM Modules. It is not able to drive the motor. For this purpose you will need a driver board.

    We can produce this board if order quantity is > 25 pieces. If this interests you, i can quote for that.

    An Arduino can be used to produce the control signals for the control board.

  3. Hi there,

    These capacitors are filter ones and need to be placed in various spots on the board, near voltage inputs, outputs, IC power pins and other place, so they filter the noise on the Vcc line across the board, so that's why they are many and connected on main voltage.

    1n5422 diodes (Schottky diode 40V 2A) are used to protect the ICs from reverse input voltage on their Vin pins, as they allow current to flow in one direction. You can use any Schottky diode with same characteristics.

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