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  1. Every lab bench power supply that I am familiar with outputs only DC. The best power supply really depends on the application. What type of work or projects are you intending to use the supply for? I am most familiar with the Tek & Agilent supplies with 0–5v adjustable outputs and a 0–25v output. For hobbyist use, much more economical options can be found that would meet those needs.
  2. You can buy PCB designs from Optimatech: https://www.optimatech.net/ There is a knowledge section where you can take help from.
  3. Circuitmaker included one of the most friendly spice simulators, and I still find it more useful and easier to configure and use than the simulation packages in the high end "professional" packages. Good luck, there are lot of packages at various price points to choose from.
  4. The settings on a MIG welding machine are best set within the voltage range of what the welding machines charts have suggested for that metal thickness. The transfer type mostly changes with the wire speed and gas type. When setting your wire speed to the transfer type you need or like to use it is always best to listen to the sound of the weld. Short circuit has a fast crackle sound; globular has a few crackles or pops a second and true spray transfer has just the hum of the welder or hissing sound. Once you learn the sound, you will know the settings.
  5. Impressive. It is not easy to charge the 150ah battery with solar panel directly. For proper charging using solar panel you just need to use a solar charge controller. You must also place the batteries in parallel connection for fast charge. Using solar charge controller avoid reverse current flow from Battery to a solar panel and unharmed pannels from burning. For proper charging your solar panel must create power more than 150w 150w is the threshold point for your charging. More the power added ……charging rate improve.
  6. You should not spend your resources on a firm which will not guarantee that in advance. Check their operational capabilities as well as the sort of projects which could handle your business. When quality pitches in, you also have to know their testing procedure, particularly for connectivity.
  7. Please elaborate more. Talking about invertor or what?
  8. I've used OSH Park several times. Mixed results. They are good for smaller, low power stuff if you're ok with long turnaround times. First off, I am really impressed with PCBWay\'s speed, You can track the status of each step of manufacturing on their website. The data seems real. You can get a quote for pricing from optimatech, one of the best electronic assembly companies which comprise a fundamental metal material and we provides full-fledged services of MCPCB .
  9. Welcome to the electronics-lab forum. Looking forward to your participation in forum discussions.
  10. That's not easy. I mean, the schematic is not a big deal, but 90% efficiency at those high voltages are not easy to obtain. Since your output voltage is between the input range, you can't use a pure boost or buck topology. But your best bet is to use a dedicated IC, for example from Linear. 90% is achieved only in the best condition, and mostly for inputs > 10V.
  11. For a Beginner in PCB Designing, Start with Simple & user-friendly soft-wares like Eagle, Proteus etc. If you are good in circuit reading & drawing, you can easily make schematics in the PCB, through which you can create net-list & make layouts for the circuits. There are basic rules to be followed while making Layouts in PCB. something like this, you can find more stuff online.
  12. Raised condition as in what? What is it? Related to the electronic industry?
  13. They're sure to a part of some supercomputer
  14. I can share a reference for you : Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design You can get in touch with the company to get one designed for you.
  15. It can be tracked if you have all your documents with you and can share your laptop number with investigating agencies. But chances are very rare in such cases.
  16. Hi all mates here. I am new to the forum. I am from Deerfield Beach, Florida. I hope all doing well here. Keep spreading knowledge here.
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