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Monitor's Led blinking


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I would suggest finding the schematic and check the voltage from the switch to the internal board. You need to know what the LED is connected to. If it is connected to the power supply, then it could be a power supply failure; even a bad on/off switch. If the LED is connected to the processor board on a digital monitor, it is most likely due to the processor going into constant reset. This could be many different things.
The first step is getting the schematic and following the power and signal paths.


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I don't know your skill level so i'll explain it basically.

The most common cause is the line output transistor, take it out and check it with the legs pointing towards you and the writing facing upwards, set your avo on diode check (if its digital meter) or the lowest setting you have for ohms on a moving coil meter, put one probe on the far left leg (base) and the other probe on the centre leg (collector), then reverse the probes. one way around you should get about 400 to 800 ohm reading and the other way around you will get no reading. if this isnt the case then the trany is shot but usually for a reason. check the joints around the eht transformer for bad connections and the scan coils on the back of the tube may have a plug going to it, if so then check the connections on this plug AND the connector to the main board from the coils. if any of the connections look cracked then resolder them.

see how you go with that for now and let me know..

Bye. Rich..

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