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Who is using the oldest computer?


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Hi Ante,
I've sneaked into my son's Pentium4 many times when he's at work. I don't do any rocket science or heavy number crunching so there isn't much difference. His computer opens a PDF file immediately, mine takes a couple of seconds. With both on high-speed cable internet, his access to a site is immediate and on mine I see "done" almost immediately, then the screen fills a couple of seconds later.
My 486 downloaded 18.6MB of IE6 in less than 2 minutes, without using my download accellerator program. The Pentium4 might be a couple of seconds faster. If a local server was used, the download would probably be much faster.

My 486 is missing good multimedia like playing MP3's or DVD's and smooth full screen video. Of course it also doesn't have USB to download images from a digital camera. Nor can it burn a CD.

I wonder which processor is in the new Personal Digital Video Recorder that I recently got from my cable-TV/ISP company. It is fantastic, recording and playing-back at the same time. It can even record two programs at the same time that I am playing-back another recording. Its instructions say it can record and playback future shows. A gambler's dream! See which horse or team will win. See who will win the next election. What a typo!
Now that my cable-TV company's hundreds of channels are all digital, my TV's picture and sound are absolutely perfect. I don't need high-definition.
Forgot to record a show when I was out? No problem, it will be broadcast 3 hours later on the West Coast and comes down the cable to me probably using fiber-optic cable for the long haul. Digital amplifiers along the way add no loss nor noise.

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Hi Ante,
At work I always sent a PCB request out to a "PCB Pro" company. They would lay it out then make 20 for me to try before full production.
Years ago I saw a PCB layout program draw a single straight line then about 20 lines that went around it. I would have drawn 20 straight lines and use a single jumper. I know, you pay extra for each hole and the installation of that zero ohm resistor jumper.

Today I downloaded Windows Media Player 7. It stangled my 486 down to a crawl. I don't really need it since version 6.4 works fine.

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About a year back my father was still using an Ibm 8088 XT with a 5600 baud
Modem to surf around thru a librarys server

I aquired a Colecovision Adam Computer a couple of months ago and it has a plug on the side labeled ADAMnet...
It and its old tape drives work well
i use it as a word processor because its daisy-wheel printer is so ledgable
and i dont have to waste ink (works fine with the ribbonb that came from the factory:))

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