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ps/2 to rs-232(serial port)

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Unfortunately, there is a lot more difference in these two protocols than the speed. Serial is only the method of the transmission. It only means the bits are run through the cable one after the other. It takes a lot more than this similarity to get compatibility. For example, you still have to deal with parity, data bits and stop bits even if you match the speed of the transmission.


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If you are familiar with 8051 family you can go to Philips Semiconductors and find application note AN434.
There you will find complete description on how to connect a PC keyboard to I2C bus and instead of using I2C routines (wich are pretty complicated) you may use standard assembler commands for sending bytes out and in (most om 8051 will have built-in UART).

This is not keyturn solution but is pretty close to what you would like to do...

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