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non logic level multiplexar

Kevin Weddle

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Hi Ldaniel,
Hey, aren't you near that volcano mountain in Usania that blew its head off? Did you see it happen? And you're surrounded by a few other beautiful dormant volcanos? Neat!
I don't think you need a unity gain amplifier to follow the multiplexer, since the input impedance of an A/D is high. Just feed the output of a 4051 8-to-1 analog multiplexer directly to the A/D.

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I believe that the 74150 multiplexer is what you're looking for.

Ok....forget that....I see that you're looking for an analog multiplexer now (darned old eyes!), so you'd actually be interested in something along the lines of:

or you could do an implementation of your own, using a series of JFETs or MOSFETs, digitally selected by something like a 74154 (1 of 16 selector), for 4-bit addressability.
Source: http://www.web-tronics.com/74154.html
Basic Data Sheet (non-pararmetric data): http://upgrade.cntc.ac.kr/data/ttl/74154.html
Mfr Data Sheet: http://www.sharpmz.org/download/74154.pdf

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