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site is useless


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Hi majorthom :)

I can understand how frustrating it can be, when there is no one "that can" offer you assistance with your project.

I'm sorry but you are way off, this site is not useless.

To call this site useless, is to point your finger at every member of this community and call them useless.

Every member of this community no matter their level of expertise, has something to offer.

Every member of this community is, as far as I'm concerned a "VIP" including you, I am proud to be part of this community, and the members that are dedicated to making it a great place to be 8).

I'm sorry that no one was able to offer you assistance with your project, I'm certain if someone could have they would have, I"ve also had projects that no one could offer me assistance with or been able to give me the help I would have liked, but that's just the way it goes.

Peter, please consider deleting your post.

Regards Dazza :).

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Well, there IS quite a lot going on in this site. But it seems your frustration is due to no one on this site has found you an illegal copy of a copyrighted Ambit 0041[K01.005.C.00]Inverter schematic, which is your "only" other post on this forum.

Now, I will bet that if you posted that you needed an inverter that was capable of xx volts and xx amps with a source of x, that there would have been a discussion, and perhaps a number of schematic posts.

Posting that the site is worthless on your second post is really not going to help you.


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Sorry but after being a member of this site for nearly a year I've discovered it isn't completely useless but it's not far off. The site owener is a total nube together with half the moderators who don't even know when to remove things of leave them and when they do they don't even have the decency to PM the origional poster. This site is a disorganised chaos duplicate threads get posted everywhere and moderators can't be bothered to move things to respective place.

Oh, well I'm off to join a proper forum.

Please remove this account.

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