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I havent done much electronics except for making lamps at school etc. But i do do a bit on computers. I have read most of the basic articles but i dont understand most of the big diagrams on the circuts in the projects page. Can someone reccomend a project that i can do on this site or another. I found some i could read but its things like an am transmitter which seems pointless to build as i dont really know what i could do with an am transmitter except use it along with some other things make a pirate radio station.

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There are some instrumentation circuits in our projects section such as power supplies, etc- that might be helpful. The nice thing about building these is that you have equipment for your workbench when you are done. A real plus for someone who is new to electronics.


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Hi Awright,
I thought that I am an old geezer and you must be even older than me. ;D

I agree that building kits is a good way to learn electronics in addition to studying the facts.
My 1st few kits were an audio power amplifier, an FM tuner, an oscilloscope and a transistorized voltmeter. Then I progressed to building projects from magazine articles.

I have souped-up my old 'scope and use it nearly every day since it was built about 43 years ago.

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Hey Audoiguru

A few photos from your electronics lab would be nice :)


;D ;DHee, hee. ;D ;D
My lab is a mess. You don't want to look there.
I know where everything is located, but I wouldn't be able to tell somebody else where to find some things. "It's under the green circuit board from the answering machine that is forward and to the left side of the ....."
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I was worried there for a while, not any more! ;D Still I think you should take a picture of your lab and post it here. Maybe your lab isn’t that messy after all when starting to compare with others! You might even sleep better knowing that someone else got a bigger disaster on the workbench! ;D

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