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Need help identifying part


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Audioguru maybe on to something with his "polyfuse" hypothesis because I found this


I wonder if I could just bypass this little part all together ?, just put a bridge in its place ?

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I dont know Hotwaterwizard, you might be right too. I didnt think this part would be this difficult to identify. I appreciate everyones responses so far.

Any thoughts on whether or not I could just leave the part off and use a bridge instead ? I guess thats hard to answer if we dont even know what the part is, huh ?

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can someone tell me what part this is ? I need to purchase more of these or an equivalent part. This part is probably about 20 years old so I'm not sure if its even available anymore. It came from a circuit board in an instrument cluster out of a BMW car. I assume the 100ns means 100 nanoseconds ?

What Year and Model is the BMW?


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Hi boschman,

Why did you remove it form your cars instrument cluster? Do you suspect there is something wrong with it? What are the symptoms?
I do not recommend replacing it with a jumper, this can turn out to be a very expensive test!
I still believe it is a capacitor, have you measured it?

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I was having problems with the cars instrument cluster. The batteries inside the cluster were dead so I was rebuilding the circuit board with new batts and new capacitors and wanted to replace as many parts as I could while I had the cluster apart since its 20 years old. Thats when I tried to identify the part you see in the pic in my initial post.

I'd still like to figure out exactly what that little sucker is. When i test it with the ohm meter i get 1.2M ohms.

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Also BMW - Germany- Siemens, make sense?

Yeah I thought this too because the circuit board is made by VDO which is a Siemens company. I dont know if Siemens owned VDO at the time the board was made which was circa 1985 but either way, they're both german.

So even though the part has "100nS" on it you still think it means "100nF" ? Thats the only thing that makes me hesitate. I wonder why they just didnt put "100nF" on it instead of the "nS"

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