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A modern day 0 - 30V, 0 - 3A Linear Power Supply?


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I understand. My electronic books are old enough to vote. Also I find it cost so much for the components that it is far cheaper to buy than build.

For example see: http://www.ebay.com/itm/30V-5A-DC-Power-Supply-Adjustable-Dual-Digital-Variable-Precision-Lab-Grade-110V-/391378270581?hash=item5b1ff67975:g:zwcAAOSwUKxYiV76

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The ebay kit that is a copy of the original faulty Greek power supply on this site is also sold by Banggood and Amazon. Banggood is selling it at a clearance price since they probably had many complaints. They have modified it a little and are selling it again as a kit with a 28V/2A rating and an LCD meter for it.


The very nice looking 30V/10A power supply is extremely cheap. Its ad has no detailed spec's. It does not even say if the voltage and current are regulated.

If something looks to be too good then it probably is not true.

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Hello fellows,

Thanks for for your input in that matter.

@HarryA - I have to agree, they are very cheap these days. I did buy a Gophert CPS-3205 last year.

@Admin - Thanks for the link. I came across this one also as I happen to have 2 of those DIY Banggood boards. When I started off with Electronics again after some 40 years I felt a bit overwhelmed by Paul's mods. So, after having built one myself just recently, see in Projects Q/A - 0-30V 0-3A Latest Data, I feel more confident. Maybe I give it a go.

@HarryA - That 30V 10A offer is a bit miss leading. There are three options to choose. There is a selectable field called Current. If you select that 30V 10A version you will find that is cost US$53.48. Still cheap, but does not ship to Australia.

@audioguru - Thanks for you input also.


For me it is more about building it than buy if possible.

Cheers from Australia

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