PWM Solenoid and Valve Driver using DRV103

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This tiny module is a PWM Solenoid and Valve driver using the Texas instrument’s DRV103 low-side DMOS power switch, employing a pulse-width modulated (PWM) output. Its rugged design is optimized for driving electromechanical devices such as valves, solenoids, relays, actuators, motors, and positioners. This board is also ideal for driving thermal devices such as heaters, coolers, lamps etc. PWM operation conserves power and reduces heat rise, resulting in higher reliability. In addition, adjustable PWM allows fine control of the power delivered to the load. Output delay time and oscillator frequency are also externally adjustable.

The DRV103 can be set to provide a strong initial closure, automatically switching to a “soft” hold mode for power savings. A resistor, analog voltage, or Digital-to-Analog(D/A) converter can control the duty cycle. An output OK flag indicates when thermal shutdown or over current occurs.


  • Supply 8V to 32V DC
  • Load Capacity 1.5A
  • Trigger Input Voltage 1.5V to 5V DC
  • Thermal and Current Limit Shutdown
  • On-Board Power LED


  • Solenoids
  • Valves
  • Heaters, Coolers
  • Lamps
  • Relays
  • Power Contactor Coils
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics Systems
Note: PWM Duty Cycle, Output Delay, Frequency Adjust are adjustable from external resistors
  • Oscillator Frequency range 500Hz to 100Khz, the default set to 5Khz, Frequency can be altered by changing  R4 ( Refer to Datasheet for more details)
  • Delay Output: Default delay set to approx. 100 ms, Delay can be adjusted by changing Capacitor C1
  • Duty Cycle is adjustable 10% to 95% , the default set to 95% can be altered by changing R3 (Refer to Datasheet for more details)



Parts List




Vout on the solenoid. We see that goes ON and after some time it starts PWM production to retain the ON state but with lower dissipated power and thermal stress.
CH1: Vout on the solenoid – CH2: INPUT triggering voltage. We can see that after the board is triggered solenoid goes on for about 1 sec and then switches to PWM generation to hold the coil energized with low power consumption.


Reflow soldering of 10x PCBs on our DIY reflow oven


DRV103 Datasheet



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where can i buy it?

Erez Margalit

2 units

Surojit Mondal

Where can I buy this driver circuit. I need 200 pcs. Please contact me asap


Do you sell these modules?


Please send me order information.

Luis M. Mendoza S.

Do you not handle something similar but at least 2 amps?

George Murtagh

I would like a price for 10 boards completely populated with a 1 second Peak and 50% duty cycle. Please advise! Thanks!

Mikhail Zakharov

Can we buy several of those modules from you guys?

Paul Charles

Would like to purchase?