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  1. hi microzone! ;D yes, you've already mentioned those details in your first post.. the experts here i think need to know more what conveyor belt is suitable for you.. Ante asked you if is needs to run only in one direction, which you didn't answer.. they need to know more.. like.. how fast should it be? does it need to have a Pause/Stop button ? how many glasses do you intend to put in it at a time? ... etc details like those would help picture out what is the most suitable conveyor belt you should build.. as ante have said
  2. microzone, it would help a lot if you would tell what exactly is the purpose of the conveyor belt.. ;D
  3. cellphone jammers? what can they do? can you actually listen to conversation if you're in a specific distance from one user? or it just causes some interference that cuts them off the line? ???
  4. Hi Fatal! i also use breadboard for designing circuits.. it's easier when you can test the cricuit first and if you see somehting wrong you can easily correct it because it is not yet soldered.. Just a tip: if you're working on a quite complicated schematic and there is not enough space on your breadboard that is why you have to place the wires and everything close with each other, it would be wise to list the coordinates of the wires you are placing.. i do this so that when i accidentally remove i wire, i can easily know where it should be.. of course you need a lot of patience and time to do this.. but it really pays off especially on those sleepless nights when you are designing a circuit and aat the same time cramming for a fnal exam for your first period in the morning.. Also, when you can ask other people's opinion about your design, you won't have to explain to them everything because they can easily trace it themselves .. ;D
  5. Hi Ante! i guess you're right. the guy's probably busy, i've checked up on his stats and he was last active almost 3 months ago.. i guess, we'll just have to wait for him..
  6. HI alabimusty! choose from the list : http://alldatasheet.com/view.jsp?Searchword=755
  7. as of "NOW" we are short of 934 members to acheive that mark.. at 19.19 registrations per day, we'll have 20000 members in 49 days.. correct analysis? i miss my MATH! ;D it's weird, when in school, i can't wait to finish schooling, now that i have graduated i miss school! ;D
  8. Hi smuralisankar! try downlaoding the datsheet here.. http://www.alldatasheet.co.kr/datasheet-pdf/pdf_kor/TI/CD4093.html or choose from the links here: http://www.datasheetarchive.com/search.php?q=cd4093&sType=part&ExactDS=Starts 8)
  9. Hi Staigen! maybe it needs to be replaced? but a new one.... .... and give your old hard drive to me.. eheheh... ;D you're a genius, you can fix that!
  10. Hi Ante! How about Yevgeni? according to his post (though, the post was almost 2 yrs ago), we just have to mail him and he'll send a copy.. excuse me, Mr. Yevgeni, do you still have the book?
  11. SM2GXN, credit goes to wikipedia! ehehe ;D
  12. hi Munky! am i right, Ante?
  13. What's with this handbook? does it even exist?
  14. hi akolo! when i haven't purchased a printer yet, i have experienced the same problem.. i usually carry my files in a diskette and it really annoys me when they suddenly can't be opened when i am about to print it in a computer shop.. to ensure that my file doesn't get lost i make sure that i save it to the internet.. i do this by attaching the file to a message which i send to my secondary email.. that way, i can easily access my files to any internet shop where i have them printed.. ;) just an idea.. ;D
  15. Maligayang Kaarawan! ;D that's how you say happy (maligaya) Birthday (kaarawan) in Filipino..
  16. hi aloush! ;D i'm not an expert so i really can't help with your problem.. maybe,if the experts here are not that busy maybe they'll have a look at it.. the only way i can help you is to suggest that you contact the author of the project, Serge Saati ([email protected]) Good luck! ;)
  17. i think it would be better if you can provide a link to your project and explain further what went wrong.. welcome to the eLab ;D
  18. oh, alright.. thanks to both of you.. ;D i'll use rechargables form now on.. ;D
  19. www.eecg.utoronto.ca/~kphang/PCB/Tutorial_Protel.pdf will that help? ikpearl, there are lots of projects in the PROJECTS section of eLab that have components over 25.. help yourself.. ;)
  20. thanks windowze killa and audioguru.. ;D just one more question though, if rechargables are better than alkaline then why are most people using alkaline cells, anyway? well, this is my observation in our country, i don't know in some countries.. is it just because they are not aware of it or there's something more behind it..
  21. kazeem, i found a topic that is also about UPS (http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?topic=6210.msg38802;topicseen#msg38802) i suggest you contact the author of this topic since both of you are working on the same project.. if he have already started building, maybe he can give you some pointers.. :D just a suggestion.. ;D windowze killa: would it be better to use power transformers?
  22. hi helio! you've mentioned about toy cars.. my lil' bro's remote controlled car was not being used anymore because it doesn't have batteries.. using six 1.5V of AA batteries is very expensive and it gets easily gets exhausted.. any solution to this? ???
  23. 30 minutes is fair enough.. but kazeem here is trying to build a circuit that can power appliances for two hours? is it possible? ??? thanks for the explanation though.. ;D
  24. hi helio! did you gain access to the site.. i've been there and it's under construction since march 19! the post before yours was posted last year on november.. i found somehting interesting though.. On their links section, electronics-lab.com was the first on the list of top internet-site award.. ;D
  25. hi gogo! ??? i would just like to ask.. what is the maximum number of appliances it can power? can it supply all those appliances mentioned by kazeem at the same time for two hours?
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