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  1. we are always ready to help you first u have to decide which circuit did you want to construct and ask us we will give u the circuit and necessary tips to construct it
  2. congratulations are u doing research on any thing ????? related to the field of electronics
  3. hey did wanna develop the PC working with the android operating system why did u prefer so please tell me ???
  4. i think u are asking for high power ratings 2500 watts is a huge power to achieve this you have to use large solar power panels they will vary according to size and cost is also high for large ratings can u tell what u decided to use they much of power i will help surely i am also very interested in building solar panel circuits
  5. use the regulator circuit for protection of battery and over current protection
  6. i think it is possible with a telephone line attached to a circuit controlled by a microprocessor i will post the design soon my friends did this project and completed sucessfully
  7. i think by using microphone which are more sensitive for the human voice and by using the band pass filters which are designed for certain human frequencies that the noise frequencies are destroyed
  8. dont u tried by changing the load resistance
  9. it is a very easy design use a high sensitive microphone and amplify the signal by using a power amplifier store it in a memory device use computer for it or any interface recorder
  10. i think the message that will be shown that unknown device connected the computer will automatically search for the pre installed drivers on the computer if not found then by using windows update we can install the drivers of the usb device automatically
  11. yes perfectly you can transfer data from laser pointer up to 10 meters also by using the laser of low beam width by using the high response devices in the receiver circuit you can achieve high speed and by using high gain amplifier you can raise the level of the output to the peak level in the transmitting stage the program for converting the asii to binary is needed you should use the keyboard interface by the RS 232 socket by giving input in ASII code it will convert into binary digits then the output is connected to the laser
  12. why dint you use PCB layout designer which can be downloaded from this website
  13. i am using national instruments multisim workbench i think it is more efficient to do simulation
  14. what you want to draw there drawing of circuits is not possible just click on new select the components connect them and simulate
  15. i am getting confusion with you guys how can we simulate solar cell we can only use battery in the palce of it it is only way to get equivalent of solar cell
  16. just attach to the any conductive part of the robot from PCB
  17. hey its better to use multisim of national instruments than p spice with out installation problem you can download it from www.nationalinstruments.com
  18. oh its nothing but changing all components is nothing but replacing new one now technology is improve i think stereophonic is also not in that moment it is impractical
  19. hey you can refer http://www.kitsnspares.com in India this will provide the spares,ic's,electrical and electronic components they will send you by post to any where in India
  20. what do you mean by the real size is in the centi meters or inches or in the resolution
  21. i have the simulation software named national instruments multisim work benh but there is no student version for it will you have any knowledge about the student simulation softwares whiuch are provided to the student
  22. please indicate the polarities of the capacitors
  23. sound energy cannot transformed into the eletrical energy first it is turned into mechanical energy as vibrations and thes are converted into eletrical as this principle used in micro phones
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