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8 way relay board


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This questions are about "8 way relay board " project!!!

Where to put:
1 x 1N4004 Diode -> i can't see it on pcb?

What is:
1 x 0.01uF (approx) Green Cap -> is it block capatitor -II-
and where is it on pcb?

What is:
1 x 1 amp Bridge Rectifier -> is it Greatz???

I would like that you send me schematics so i can see better where which part is connected... this way it is not so clear to me!
I would like to make this interface so much! Please explain
it a little more!

I don't understand this part of pcb???
Please help me to figure it out what parts are here....

Project Link: http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/pc/005/index.html


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There must be a typographical error about 1N4004. It's place is where 1N4001 is on pcb. In other words on pcb 1N4001 -> 1N4004.

The 0.01uF capacitor is near 7812, the green one. It's a tantalium or ceramic one. Nothing special.

The 1A Bridge Rectifier is nothing special either. It's just a plain 1A Bridge Rectifier like below:

The botton one fits better in pcb.

I am sorry, but there are not schematics available.

I attach you the part that you don't understand. Is it clear now?

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You are welcome Vedran, don't be shame :)

At the + - 12v points appears such a voltage if your power supply work ok. You don't need to connect anything if you plug at the Power Socket the output of a power transformer of 12V.

Otherwise if you don't connect a tranformer and you have a power supply of 12V that don't need a rectifier (has already) you can connect it at + - 12V points without connecting nothing to the Power Socket.

I other words this is to alternative power the circuit from an already rectified source. Also you can take the + -12V from there if you want to use them somewhere else and the amperage is sufficient.

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I think all is clear now to me!
I bought today 2 relays for a start and other parts!
I will just have to rebuild PCB a little cause I have Schrack
relays that are diferent from those ones on the picture!

Can't wait to see it working.... ;D

This site rules!!!!

Bye :D

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You can with a decoder control up to 255 Relays.
Have fun

i'm arabic man , by chance enterd to this form
while i secking(searching) about  control up to 255 Relays
if fact ,I can not understand the languge on the link

Try this software for the relayboard.
http://www.kemo-electronic.com/de/module/m125/index.htm (RelaisTimer11).
You can with a decoder control up to 255 Relays.
Have fun

4 that . i hop any one help me
please msg me fast
i can make software on VB to controling  8relays , "useing input.dll" on xp windows|
but sometime the software can not control a circuit
more arabic forms says the controling under windows xp is not work ok!

how i can make a good software can runing under all windows (98/2000/xp/2003)
please msg me (pics of circuit )fast
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