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Google before posting

Guest Yevgenip

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Guest Yevgenip

It will save time if you search for answers in google.com
(Or in any other search engine) before posting.

Plus, Check out some of the resources and links we have on this site.

And finally, I will post books from time to time in this forum.

Good Luck!

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If you try really hard you could find out anything by searching the net! That will make this forum obsolete! :o  Many times there is too much info on a subject which makes your head spin and you need to consult someone with a little more experience to help you sort it out! But I agree some posters are the lazy kind who just post there question here without trying a search first. ;D

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I'm disagree with you, for beginners like us, it is diffecult to search and facing the huge quantity of information and easier to ask
Also it make this community very rich
I think there are  many persons who only read what we write and benefeted from that so don't worry at all

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I can see your point but I disagree as I've spent ages on Google before, then ask for a datasheet here and had a response in 5 mimiutes.

I can also see what you mean but it does depend on what you're looking for some things like simple 555 and 741 circuit explanations are so easy to find there's really no excuse, while other things can be found but they might not be expained in a a newb friendly manner.

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Hi ECET0purdue,
I was just about to mentiond that, in another forum I post at duplicate threads aren't allowed, their either deleted or the post is moved to the appropiet thread, this does happen here occasionly but not as often as I'd like. When someone starts a duplicate thread I show them how to use the forum search engine and point them in the direction of the threads they're most likely to find usefull.

About Google, on second thoughts I don't think it's a good idea to just say "use Google" as this sort of RTFM attitude doesn't look very good and isn't too helpful. Instead you could do a Google and post a link to the results along with particular links they could find useful.

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Have you noticed that sometimes google brings you here? It is a little humorous to me that someone on this forum might say "go search google" and the search brings them back here.  ;D
We also have a search engine for posts on this site. Maybe it will be easier for some who get confused on google.


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I agree with all of the postings I've seen, and it's funny that I too am here because of a google search. Seems like I've found a home.

I want to underscore the point that before asking for help that you try and get that help on your own. google.com is a great source. But sometimes it's not enough. So, I'm here, and I hope I won't be too much of an annoyance to anyone. But I think from the posts I've read that you guys are the experts (and are always happy to help us newbies that try to find answers, but run out of options for whatever reason), so when google.com can't help me, I'll come here.

Thanks in advance.

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Wow. I guess if you where not already intimidated to think your questions to be thought trivial by someone more experienced in this field, a (Senior Member) Moderator seems to be trying to seal the deal.
I have learned quite a bit just by reading many question posted here. Maybe by that thought process to go elsewhere for your answers, I would of maybe never 'chosen' this site to get experience. It may be prudent to encourage questions more, then worry about answering the same question over several times. Heck it may even give us amatuers a chance to feel important and answer a few 'trivial' questions that we have learned answers to.

I have 5 kids and am very aware of the frustration of giving out redundent information and am sure this post started with that knee-jerk frustration. But hang in there, I am sure there are plenty of people to step in and help. :)


Keep up the good work.

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Scott, in agreement with ante, I assure you all moderators do not agree with the "search google first" syndrome. Many google searches will even bring you here. This site has lots of information and a pretty good search engine in itself. Combine that with the articles and projects sections, I do not think there is any other site that can compare.


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i agree with MP as i had experienced situations when i go for search, it refers back to ELECTRONICS LAB.


HAVING SAID THAT,  i personally feel that a student, hobbyist, old fellow like me  dervie encouragement equally when we see that there is a force of international community chating with you,guding you, warning you aganist possible mistakes and loss of money by purchaing overspecified costly parts, what not??

this msite has been rendering a good practicable supprot. 



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