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hydroxy gas power supply/separating oxygen and hydrogen from water


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i have 7 amp and hopur 12 volts and 7.2 amp an hour 12 volts and just got a 9 amp an hour  12 volts seald lead acid cell battery , ive allways had  trouble  working out the details of what current they really was  as there was some details on the sides i wasent sure of

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The batteries say, "Do not short circuit" but you did with your current meter.

The little one says, "7Ah at 20 hour rate", not 7A. It can supply 0.35A for 20 hours. Its max allowed charging current is 2.1A.

The larger one says, "9Ah", not 9A. It does not say at what current. Its max allowed charging current is 2.7A.

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:) dispite what they all say about useing steell wool as a flashback arestor then 0000 grade fine steel wool i have had many seccess with it  note the pink flame and i had to film it then replay and pause it then snap the picture off my pc to upload to here.  the colour of flame you can see in the picture filmed from a handy cam but not with the naked eye as its different then , i can instantly melt through high resistance wire nichrome  wire and heat iron pyrite instantlt to red hot and melt it , and allso lead from a pencil and brass  but not coper or nickle  so the flame seems to be fusy at what it can melt and heat to red hot  so  most of what i can heat to red hot and melt are high melting piont metals mostly


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If the short circuit current is only 9A then the batteries are flat and dead.

I looked up the datasheet for one of the batteries you're using. It's 7.2Ah and the internal resistance is just 40mΩ when in good condition and fully charged. When fully charged to 13.8V, the short circuit current will be 345A and will quickly drop as it rapidly discharges. The large current will cause the meter's fuse to blow before anything bad happens.

The capacity is 7.2Ah when the temperature is 25

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:) my meters never blew and my batteries still run ok and  i just top them up when i like to keep them charged so i wont use my battery power up  when i use them longer  i have no major problems at all  regardlless of what you find about these batteries ,

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