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Hi Friends,

I am a newcomer. I try to make 750w DC 24V DC motor speed control. At my project i use TL494 ( ka7500) for control the motor, the current increase by 3 mosfet IRF75n75 ( IFR3205) you can use the biger mosfet for get big power. At this video i show you how to i make it. I don't have the big motor so i use 288W 24V 775 motor for test. You can see the result on my video. The circuit run very well. The total cost of the project is around $10 - $15.

Step 1 Hardware Requirement

You can see all of my project but i will show again


Step 2 Make the PCB

You can make the PCB use iron method. I have post the Shematic and PCB file. Please download bellow. Or you can order PCB online like me, i order PCB online from JLCPCB.COM. Their price is very low only 2$/10PCB with high quality. I order PCB from their lot of time. You can try. Look the PCB i had order, what do you think about that ?


Step 3 Make the PCB

The Schematic and layout file. you can download PDF file below and make it at home by yourself.d.thumb.png.249fc1ee084b419137dba8b9526e1e30.pngc.thumb.png.8eb54003c73b90dd87c6ec2e523bbd57.pngf.thumb.png.cfbbe47fa90b1a6dc2bf7cf4bd59e1fa.png

Step 3 Finsh and Get Big Motor Controler

I am a newcomer and this is the fist time i post on this forums. If i have any mistake please comment below i will try to fix in the next project. I want to share you all of thing i know. If you have any question for my project, please comment below i will help you.

You can find more project about electrical on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/LongTechnical

Thank you very much


750W_DC_Motor_Controller_TOP PCB.pdf



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