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Inverter Circuit 12V DC to 230VAC Sine Wave

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i found the details it was on the shiney metal side of the globe it was a bit hard to see so i used my dome lense to view it , and i took a picture of it useing the zoom lense of my digital camera. its 240 volts 25 watts so how many amps is it , my inverter circuit only makes it look dim as i have it turned down  so the tranny wont over heat


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The current in the light bulb when it is very bright is only 25W/240V= 0.1A. Since yours is dim then its operating power and current are a lot less.

Maybe you can fix the cause of the hot transistor:
1) Swap the Tesla output transistors.
2) Swap the BD234 driver transistors.
3) Swap the 15 ohm output base drive resistors.
If the other side gets hot then you have found the problem.

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A square wave inverter can provide a reasonable sine wave output with a few modifications. This was a common method long ago before fast switching pwm. This was implemented with scr type square wave inverters but can also be applied to transistor or fet types. Basically the switching current is forced to be resonant producing a sine output. This was good up to several kW's.

The drawback is that the tuning element values are somewhat load dependant. Also voltage regulation is also load dependant. A more complicated sceme can be used which requires a extra tap on each half secondary winding to provide passive feedback to overcome these problems. Performance was typical 2.5% output change for 25% input variation at full load.

Pictures show typical waves to be expected from this inverter. One is from my simulation and other from actual documented test.

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Guest Kasamiko

It's been awhile since my last visit on this thread and was so disappointed that almost all the attachment is NOT available anymore.

404 - Attachment Not Found

Or it's just me?  ???

Good day to all..


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