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Free sample chips!


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Search the semiconductors.philips.com or standardics.philips.com. there are a few demo boards - a few low power audio amp boards and headphone amp boards and the I2C page for I2C related boards.
do check the spelling of the websites that i've mentioned.


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i havin't read the whole thread but just let me warn you that national semi reqires you to pay s+h, which can be expencive for only a couple chips and microchip wants an edu or company email address.

anyways been ordering samples for years and love it.

the good ones:

analog devices

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I dont really need chips, I need more passive stuff.  Do any of those companies offer resistors, capacitors, pots and that stuff?  I am also looking for some transistors and diodes that I cant find at my local radio shack (radio shack sucks).

Same with me. Radioshack stinks >:(, their things r too expensive and they also don't have many things I need like Variable Capacitors.
Any1 have any info about getting passive component sample?
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There was one site on the first page of this topic(says that it only passive devices next to it).  I like to see what I am ordering too, so I dont use mouser or digikey, I use www.allelectronics.com.  I was thinking today about how radio shack turned from an electronics store to a crappy toy/cellphone/tv/stereo store.  I saw pictures of the begining stores, and in one of the Short Circuit movies and it was awesome.  Too bad that I am 15 and didnt use radio shack when it was better.

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TI:  >:( Regret to inform they cannot send me samples.  Might be because my email address is not corporate???  No reason was given.

Fairchild:  :) Waiting... they said it will be shipped

Maxim/Dallas:  :D Got an email confirmation, the parts will be shipped except one they did not have in stock.

Yay!  This is fun!

Going to be trying these next!


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