CSSK Kelvin Terminated Current-Sense Chip Resistors

CSSK Kelvin Terminated Current-Sense Chip Resistors

Stackpole Electronics’ chip resistors feature wide terminations for efficient current handling

Stackpole’s CSSK is a metal-alloy chip resistor designed to minimize the effects of lead resistance in current-sensing applications. The CSSK features terminations on the long dimension of the part to facilitate more thermally efficient current flow. In addition, the four-terminal asymmetrical connection provides increased sensing accuracy by eliminating the effects of lead resistance. The CSSK offers resistance values from 0.5 mΩ to 5 mΩ in 1%, 2%, and 5% tolerances. With an operating temperature range of up to +170°C, the robust CSSK can withstand the high temperatures normally associated with high-current circuits.

The CSSK is ideal for current-sensing applications such as test meters, scanners, shunt resistors, DC-to-DC converters, voltage regulators, instrumentation, communications and networking equipment, medical monitoring devices, electronic scales, sensing and detection applications, portable audio devices, and robotics. They are also frequently chosen for lighting control applications, disc-drive controllers, thermostats, small motor controls, security and safety equipment, and commercial and roadway lighting.


  • 1 W power rating in an 0612 chip size
  • 3 W power rating in a 3637 chip size
  • Resistance values from 0.5 mΩ to 5 mΩ
  • Resistance tolerances of 1%, 2%, and 5% available
  • Wide terminations for efficient current handling
  • Four-terminal connection eliminates lead resistance from sensing measurement
  • Operating temperature range from -55°C to +170°C
  • RoHS compliant and halogen-free

more information: https://www.seielect.com/catalog/sei-cssk.pdf

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