MemType USB Stick With All Your Passwords

MemType USB Stick With All Your Passwords

Noela and Miguel from Area0x33 made a really helpful tool on They designed a fully open source hardware USB stick to store your username/password pairs on.

MemType uses Atmel ATtiny85 MCU and V-USB to do the communication over USB. V-USB is software-only implementation of a low-speed USB device for Atmel’s AVR microcontrollers.

Memtype Schematic
Memtype Schematic

Memtype uses [NOEKEON] to encrypt the stored values with 2K flash reserved for storage, and a PIN number, settable by user, to protect your information if your stick was lost. There is no need for any drivers, because Memtype is numerated as a keyboard. You just need to plug it in usb, enter the PIN code, and then choose your username/password. It uses 5-way tactile switch as user input.

To make things easier, they labeled each username/password with names, and with import and export features supported in .xml form. These features managed by a software tool called MemTypeTool.


You can purchase Memtype from tindie for 24$, and source files are available on Github for both hardware and software.

For more information on how Memtype works, please watch this video below:

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