Micsig SATO1004 handheld oscilloscope

Micsig SATO1004 handheld oscilloscope


Micsig’s SATO1004 is a four-channel automotive oscilloscope with a comprehensive list of pre-set vehicle-related tests.

The instrument features 100MHz bandwidth, 1Gsample/s (in single channel mode), 32Mpoint memory and up to five hours of mobile use from its built-in battery, or continuous use from its 12V power adaptor.

“SATO1004 is a professional vehicle testing tool for evaluating CAN, LIN, Flex ray and K line networks, and sensors for: ABS, accelerator pedal, throttle position, fuel pressure, air flow meter, crankshaft, camshaft, knock, MAP; as well as testing 12 and 24V charging and start, charging ripple, cranking current sensors, actuators and ignition,” according to distributor Saelig, which is stocking the instrument.

The 8inch 800 x 600 touchscreen has touch, drag and swipe, and shares control of the scope with knob-and-button control. An HDMI output is available to reproduce the display on a larger screen or projector. “Live screen images can be transmitted to an external projector when the oscilloscope is connected to a LAN or WiFi network. The scope can display or be remotely controlled via Wi-Fi, LAN or USB, via a PC or an Android or iOS mobile device,” said Saelig.

As well as the serial busses above, bus trigger and decode features include: UART, SPI and I2C, then 1553B and ARINC 429 trigger and decode are options.

The Standard Kit version of the scope comes with 2x passive probes, 4x BNC-banana cables, 2x pair needle probes, 2x pair alligator clips, a power adaptor with mains cable and a screen protector.

The master Master Kit has the above, plus a secondary ignition pick-up, 2x multimeter-style probe tips and a hard-shell carrying case.

Dimensions are 265 x 192 x 50mm and 1.9kg

Manufacturer Micsig is based in Shenzhen-based, and Saelig of Fairport New York is its authorised North American distributor. The Saelig SATO1004 product page can be found here

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