24 LEDs Bargraph Display using 74HC595 Shift Register

This project is built for fun loving users to create a 24 LED bar-graph for light effects that can be driven using Arduino or another microcontroller. The project consists of 74HC595 x 3 chips, and 24 LEDs of Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow colors.

The project helps the user to experiment with serial-in and parallel-output shift registers. Each 75HC595 chip provides 8 outputs which is connected to the individual LED along with current limiting series resistors. This board can be used in applications such as Light effects generator, Bargraph voltmeter, Current meter, Audio VU meter and display sensor value on bar-graph.

Arduino example code is provided to test the board. Knight-rider effects will be shown on LED using this Arduino code.

Following connection needed to test the board with Arduino

  • Arduino Digital Pin D8 >> Pin DS (14) of the 74HC595-Data In
  • Arduino Digital Pin D9 >> Pin SH_CP (11) of the 74HC595-Clock
  • Arduino Digital Pin D10 >> Pin ST_CP (12) of the 74HC595-Latch


  • Supply 5V DC @ 150mA
  • 5 Pin Connector for Serial Interface and 5V Supply


Parts List


Gerber View



74HC595 Datasheet

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I’m trying to make sense of the layout: Why did you assign the led colors in the order you did? They’re definitely not sequential!


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