5V to Dual 12V Step Up DC-DC Converter Using LM2588-ADJ

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Lots of op-amp based circuits require dual (symmetrical) power supply. This tiny circuit is a simple solution which provides +/-12V DC 300mA from single 5AV DC   input. The board is based on LM2588-ADJ IC from Texas instruments. Step up from 5V to dual 12V is the best part of the circuit since 5V is easily available.

The LM2588-adj regulator IC specifically designed for fly back, step-up (boost) and forward converter applications, this regulator are cost effective and simple to use due to minimum number of external components.  The power switch is a 5A NPN device that can stand-off 65V. Protecting the power switch are current and thermal limiting circuits, and an adjustable frequency that can be programmed up to 200Khz. other feature include soft start mode to reduce in rush current during start up, and current mode control for improved rejection of input voltage and output load transient and cycle-by-cycle current limiting.


  • Input 5V DC (4 to 6V DC Possible)
  • Output Dual +/-12V DC 300mA
  • 3 Pin Header Connector for output
  • 2 Pin Header Connector for Input supply


Parts List





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Neil Mula

Hi Rajkumar, we really like this project, and want to cover it on EEWeb.com for our readers. Is it fine with you?

Gunasekaran Chandrahasan

Good product. Is it available for purchase in India?


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