Colpitts Crystal Oscillator

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This project is a Colpitts Crystal Oscillator


Firstly, I suggest you to read the article in ARRL Handbook 2015, Chapter 9 – Oscillator Circuits and construction. Then saw a video showing the construction of the Colpitts Crystal Oscillator (with Buffer stage) here.

Thus, I assembled the circuit as “ugly construction” using the same values as video shows. I try it and it’s stable, using 12 Volts from battery source, low current.

Every time I change the crystal values I had a stable Sine Wane on my Oscilloscope which depends on different crystal values. It is a simple circuit to test crystals on your lab, see photos from Cadsoft EAGLE, the schematic, pcb results also the photos from “ugly construction”


Colpitts PCB_1












  • Would this component help me get rid of matching crystals on my rc vehicles? I have several different brands and types ultimately i would like to make one of my transmitters either bluetooth or 2.4 GHz or better. Any suggestions? I want to build it instead ofbuy it for learning purposes as well as it just interests me to be able to understand how and why things work

    3 years ago
    • admin

      This is used to test various types of crystals using your oscilloscope enabling them to oscillate at their defined frequency and produce a sine wave at the output. Typical frequency output is 20Mhz

      3 years ago

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