Isolated Gate MOSFET Driver Based DC Motor and Solenoid Driver Arduino Nano Shiled

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This is an Isolated gate driver-based N channel Mosfet Arduino Nano shield based on Si8261ACC, which can be used in various applications like DC Motor driver, solenoid driver, led driver, bulb driver and heater driver, with 3A fast switching diode provided across the output for an inductive load which protects the circuit from back EMF. Arduino Nano can be used to generate on/off signal or PWM for speed control. The board can also be used as a standalone driver by feeding 3-5V directly to the LED of the Si8261ACC gate driver. MOSFET can handle up to load 3A and DC supply at 12-24V DC. PWM Pin D3 of Arduino connected to gate driver IC.


  • Supply 12-24V DC
  • Load Up To 3Amps
  • Arduino Nano D3-PWM Pin connected to gate driver
  • PCB Dimensions 38.47mm X 17.46mm


Parts List



Si8261ACC Datasheet



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