PIC16F 28-pin Development Board with LCD

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This development board offers various important add-ons which we considered are important to a developer of Microcontroller based project from Microchip.


  • This board can be used with any of the 16F / 28 Pin PIC ICs compatible with 16F73 MCU. This kit is supplied with a PIC 16F73 MCU for development purposes.
  • The Clock frequency to the MCU is a 4 Mhz Crystal
  • This Development Board offers a ICSP connector for easy download of your code onto the MCU. Resistor R1 and Diode D1 Offer protection of Programming voltage interfering with the Supply voltage.
  • A 16×2 Backlight LCD helps as a displays of data in your project. PR1 controls the Contrast of the LCD.
  • D2 diode offers reverse polarity connection protection to the Board.
  • A 24C04 EEPROM can help store valuable data of your project on it.
  • J3 offers Aux Supply to other cards that might require 5V DC for operation. Please calculate the current requirement of the external card which could use this supply before connecting it.
  • On board Voltage regulator with PWR on indication via LED D3.
  • 3 Tactile key inputs with their individual pull-up resistor.
  • 2 LED out put, one of which is connected to the hardware PWM port on the MCU.
  • Infra Red (IR) sensor with associated components for IR related projects.
  • All IO pins available for external connection with the help of Relimate Connectors.

Please refer to the schematic diagram for the configuration of this board.

The kit includes all components required for the project accepts power supply and cabinet. Please check the components supplied to you as per the BOM “Bill of Material” listed in this document. The kit PCB is RoHS Compliant. Component legends and In/Out port pins are clearly printed.



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