Sonnet Off-Grid Device, The Smartphone Walkie-Talkie

Sonnet Off-Grid Device, The Smartphone Walkie-Talkie

At Sonnet Labs, a group of avid outdoor enthusiasts aim to democratize mobile communication with technologies that enable smartphones to send text messages, image data, and GPS locations without Internet connectivity, cellular coverage, or satellite reception.

No need for cellular grid with Sonnet

Therefore, they launched their product, Sonnet, the smartphone walkie-talkie! Sonnet is a wireless device that brings the long-range wireless communication capability of the 2-way radio (walkie-talkie) to smartphones. In addition, it enables device-to-device data transfer through low-power, long-range radio frequencies dependently on cellular grids and infrastructures.

Accordingly, Sonnet can connect wirelessly to any smartphone. Also, it allows sending data up to many miles in distance to other smartphones that already are using Sonnet.

More features to come…

Sonnet uses mesh networking in order to reach users out-of-point relaying on sending data privately through other users in area. This data travelling through Sonnet is already end-to-end encrypted with AES. At the same time, the Sonnet Wi-Fi connection is protected with WPA/WPA2.

It also has the ability to charge your phone. Thanks to the 4000mAh battery capacity, Sonnet can charge your smartphone through its USB port.

Moreover, you don’t need to install software in your smartphone. It is enough to have an access to the app through your browser. The team tailored this feature to allow users who don’t have internet access to use the device easily.

Above all, one of the amazing features included is SOS mode. In case of emergencies. you can press the panic button. Next, Sonnet will send your GPS location and your message to all users in range.

Full specifications of Sonnet below:

In conclusion, Sonnet is the wireless device that enables you send instant messages, voice recordings, image data and GPS coordinates even if you don’t have cellular coverage or Internet access.

Sonnet is now live on a Kickstarter campaign and has already achieved 290% of its required funds. The campaign still has 28 days to go, where you can pre-order two pair of Sonnet for $89! Also check the official website for more details.

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Great idea!

One thing though, for use while trekking / camping in the outdoors I would expect the battery life to be considerably longer than 24 hours.

Also, an alternative way to charge the device in an emergency could be a life saver.

Solar charger / muscle powered crank charger would be options.

Keep up the good work, you guys @ Sonnet Labs!

Randolf Gioro

Hi Arnout,

Thank you for the great idea. Yes we are considering a solar charger. At the meanwhile, we suggest people to carry an extra power bank which will prolong the battery life of both Sonnet and the phone you carry.

Sonnet Labs

Nixon Law

That was a excellent idea to create such amazing product.

May I know that the bandwidth between 2 Sonnet devices ? as the mesh network can share the internet is very useful for a team to get web access among their own device. Also how many sonnet device can connected at the same time ?

Good business and hope you get more backers

Nixon Law

Wish you all the best here

Raul Sanchez

Please contact me at

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