Texas Instruments TMUX6219 Single Channel 2:1 (SPDT) Switch

Texas Instruments TMUX6219 Single Channel 2:1 (SPDT) Switch


Texas Instruments TMUX6219 Single Channel 2:1 (SPDT) Switch is a complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) switch in a single channel, 2:1 (SPDT) configuration. The device works with single supply (4.5V to 36V), dual supplies (±4.5V to ±18V), or asymmetric supplies (such as VDD = 8V, VSS = –12V). The TMUX6219 supports bidirectional analog and digital signals on the source (Sx) and drain (D) pins ranging from VSS to VDD.

The Texas Instruments TMUX6219 can be enabled or disabled by controlling the EN pin. When disabled, both signal path switches are off. When enabled, the SEL pin can be used to turn on signal path 1 (S1 to D) or signal path 2 (S2 to D). All logic control inputs support logic levels from 1.8V to VDD, ensuring both TTL and CMOS logic compatibility when operating in the valid supply voltage range. Fail-Safe Logic circuitry allows voltages on the control pins to be applied before the supply pin, protecting the device from potential damage.

The TMUX6219 is part of the precision switches and multiplexers family of devices. These devices have very low on and off leakage currents and low charge injection, allowing them to be used in high precision measurement applications.

Block Diagram


  • ±4.5V to ±18V dual supply range
  • 4.5V to 36V single supply range
  • 2.1Ω low on-resistance
  • -10pC low charge injection
  • 330mA (maximum) high current support
  • –40°C to +125°C operating temperature
  • 1.8V logic compatible
  • Fail-safe logic
  • Rail-to-rail operation
  • Bidirectional signal path
  • Break-Before-Make switching

more information: https://www.ti.com/product/TMUX6219

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