Circuit Design - Simulation

LTspice IV
Author : Linear
Licence Type : Freeware
Size : 15.3 MB
Hits : 6251
Description : LTspice IV is a high performance SPICE simulator, schematic capture and waveform viewer with enhancements and models for easing the simulation of switching regulators. Our enhancements to SPICE have made simulating switching regulators extremely fast compared to normal SPICE simulators, allowing the user to view waveforms for most switching regulators in just a few minutes. Included in this download are LTspice IV, Macro Models for 800f Linear Technology's switching regulators, over 200 op amp models, as well as resistors, transistors and MOSFET models.
DigitalSimulator 5.57
Author : Andreas Herz
Licence Type : Freeware
Size : 2.9 MB
Hits : 2441
Description : The DigitalSimulator is your Virtual Electronics Lab, allowing you to design, simulate and output your digital circuit board designs.
Digital Simulator 1.1
Author : Ara Knaian
Licence Type : Freeware
Size : 1.83 MB
Hits : 1884
Description : Digital Simulator has a toolbar of digital circuit elements, including logic gates, flip-flops, switches, and indicators. Drawing a circuit with Digital Simulator is like using a paint program. You click the element's icon on the toolbar, then click where you want the element to go. You use a similar procedure to draw wires and indicate connections. It's that simple.
sPlan 7.0
Author : Abacom
Licence Type : Demo
Size : 4.7 MB
Hits : 1745
Description : With sPlan you will design your schematic circuit diagrams clean and easy on your PC. Many powerful functions like the the extensive component library, the usage of free definable background form sheets, automatic component numbering, component searching, component lists, etc. will help you. Even beginners will create perfectly designed schematic diagrams within minutes.
Author : DigiKey
Licence Type : Freeware
Size : 0 MB
Hits : 649
Description : Online Circuit Design software