Circuit Design - Simulation

Author : Andreas Weber
Licence Type : Freeware
Size : 0.27 MB
Hits : 298
Description : Andy's ASCII Circuit design
PSU Designer II
Author : Duncan's Amp Pages
Licence Type : Freeware
Size : 1 MB
Hits : 96
Description : PSU Designer II is designed to help you with the design of simple linear (unregulated) mains power supplies, as often found in tube amplifiers.
PSPICE 9.1 Student Version
Author : Cadence
Licence Type : Freeware
Size : 27.3 MB
Hits : 1524
Description :
>> For OrCAD 16.6 LITE version click here

Design and simulate analog and digital circuits.

What's included with the Student Version

Limited versions of the following products are included in the Student Version of PSpice:

  • PSpice A/D 9.1, Web Update 1, including PSpice Schematics 9.1
  • Your choice of schematic editors (specify during installation)
    • PSpice Schematics 9.1
    • Capture 9.1, Web Update 2

Digikey Database and libraries

Download Digikey Database 2.09 MB
Download Digikey Libraries 1.05 MB

Help Files

PSPICE.PDF - Pspice User's Guide
CAPUG.PDF - Capture User's Guide
ANALOG.PDF - Analog Parts
DIGITAL.PDF - Digital Parts
MIXED.PDF - Mixed- Signal Parts
PSPICEAD.PDF - A/D User’s Guide
PSPCREF.PDF - A/D Reference Manual
OPTUG.PDF - Optimizer User's Guide
PCB2LAY.PDF - Converting MicroSim PCBoards Designs to OrCAD Layout Designs
SCH2CAP.PDF - Converting MicroSim Schematics Designs to OrCAD Capture Designs
NETLICGD.PDF - Network Licensing Guide


eSketch PRO
Author : Schematica
Licence Type : Demo
Size : 3.66 MB
Hits : 79
Description : eSketch PRO is a powerful schematic capture and simulation application specifically designed for the ultra fast rendition and simulation of frequency-shaping analog circuits such as preamplifiers, amplifiers, active filters, passive filters, crossovers, equalizers and tone controls. eSketch is a specialized program for circuits containing capacitors, inductors, resistors and op amps. It does not provide transistors, diodes or other non-linear devices.
Filter Wiz PRO
Author : Schematica
Licence Type : Demo
Size : 8.52 MB
Hits : 36
Description : Unlike cookbooks, textbooks and simple freeware calculators, Filter Wiz PRO offers in-depth design and highly customizable solutions.