Measurements Using PC

Soundcard Oscilloscope for Processing v1.3
Author : D4p0up
Licence Type : Freeware
Size : 3.2 MB
Hits : 5497
Description : WaveWatch 1.3 is a full featured oscilloscope SW that uses the signal coming from a standard computer line input as a source. Full featured means that in addition to standard time/amplitude adjustments, it includes channel specific triggering with auto/single mode, frequency measurement, and user friendly time/amplitude measurement marking tool. It's open source under the by-nc-sa license, and cross platform (Win, Osx, Linux).
Author : Joachim Michaelis
Licence Type : Freeware
Size : 0.03 MB
Hits : 1019
Description : With this tool you can analyze things like level, stereo perspective, distortion, phase trouble and frequency content. It is mostly designed for musicians, and for working with music. That's why I didn't spend a lot of time adding a scale showing Hz and dB with numbers. You should use this tool with intuition - not as a physics nerd!
Author : David Taylor
Licence Type :
Size : 0.302 MB
Hits : 794
Description : This program plots the left and right components of a stereo signal as vectors in such a way that the direction of arrival of the signal can be estimated. This has application to direction finding, or audio phasing checks.
NCH Tone Generator
Author : NCH Swift Sound
Licence Type : Trial
Size : 0.37 MB
Hits : 1246
Description : Tone Generator is an easy-to-use program that can be used as a sine wave generator, sound frequency generator or signal generator that can create audio test tones, sweeps or noise waveforms.
Digital Oscilloscope 3.0
Author : BIP FreeWare Fun
Website : -
Licence Type : Freeware
Size : 0.15 MB
Hits : 4161
Description : Sound card digital oscilloscope.