Arduino-compatible shields quicken KNX communication designs

Arduino-compatible shields quicken KNX communication designs

RS Components is now stocking the Arduino-compatible NCN5100ASGEVB evaluation boards from ON Semiconductor.

These evaluation kits include all the components necessary to create smart home and building automation systems based on KNX communication technology. The kits are suitable for use with a broad range of MCUs, and can be plugged directly into existing development platforms.

There are three variants of ON Semiconductor’s NCN5100ASGEVB that use the company’s NCN5110, NCN5121 and NCN5130 KNX certified transceiver ICs respectively. The range of transceivers allows both standard and sophisticated implementations to be achieved. Each transceiver integrates a pair of high-efficiency DC/DC converters. Focused mainly on the supply for the transceiver and the system MCU, the first DC/DC converter outputs a fixed 3.3V. The second converter has an output that can be adjusted from 1.2V to 21V.

The second transceiver is designed to be used for powering peripheral parts such as a relays, displays or other analogue IOs. The power delivery capabilities of these transceivers, along with elevated levels of operational efficiency, with ultra-low bus voltage drop and quiescent current, allows users to experiment with potential opportunities for KNX in more power-hungry applications.

The boards that use the streamlined NCN5110 analogue front-end offer all the timings required to be dealt with by the host MCU. The NCN5121 and NCN5130 versions have additional features added. In addition to the PHY, both these receivers have a MAC layer incorporated to reduce the software development work involved. The high level of component integration provided by the transceivers means that size and BoM costs are kept to a minimum.

The ON Semiconductor NCN5100ASGEVB evaluation boards are available now from RS in the Asia Pacific, EMEA and North America regions.

More information:,4291084781

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