Epishine, Ynvisible and Evonik showcase a self-powered smart signage solution

Epishine, Ynvisible and Evonik showcase a self-powered smart signage solution

Joint technology demonstrator showcases new solutions for retail, supply-chain and in-home devices. 

Epishine AB, Ynvisible Interactive (a leading company in printed and flexible displays) and Creavis (the strategic innovation unit of Evonik Industries AG – an Essen, Germany headquartered global specialty chemicals group) announce the creation of a new joint demonstrator featuring Evonik’s TAeTTOOz® printed battery, Epishine’s solar cells, and Ynvisible’s electrochromic display.

All technologies can be printed and when they are assembled together, they can create self-powered signage, functional packaging or device solutions. The joint demonstrator will be featured at LOPEC, TechBlick and on the partner’s individual communications channels.

Register here for Techblick.

“Our new demonstrator is a clear evolution on our journey with Ynvisible, started in May 2020. We are demonstrating the potential use-cases and advantages of this combined solution – energy independence, scaleable manufacturing and design freedom.” Says Dr. Michael Korell, Head of New Growth Area Energy Storage

“Epishine’s light energy harvesting cells have unique efficiency at indoor light conditions and enable small connected electronics, like electronic shelf labels, without the burden of costly battery maintenance. This collaboration is also an important opportunity to highlight the unique material properties of our thin and flexible printed solar cell.” says Jesper Nilsson, Head of Solutions, Epishine.

“Most active electronic devices need a visual interface and a power supply. Our joint demonstrator makes rechargeability, modularity and a dynamic user experience reality.” says Michael Robinson, CEO of Ynvisible. “We’re proud to showcase how our partners’ technologies can come together to deliver holistic and value-added solutions – truly a Display PLUS.”


Epishine, Ynvisible, and Evonik will host a joint webinar on April 8th to delve deeper into the details of the Self-Powered Smart Signage Solution and provide a broader idea of what the three technologies will enable. Follow this link to participate in an interactive webinar.

Ynvisible will be exhibiting on TechBlick on the 10th and 11th of March using a virtual booth and showcase the joint demonstrator. Carolina Gioscio, Marketing Manager Sustainable Solutions at Evonik, is an invited speaker and will present more details related to the Self-Powered Smart Signage Solution on March 10th, 05:10pm CET.

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