+/-12V Dual Power Supply

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This project is a solution to power up most of devices or projects requiring dual (+/-12V) power supply.


Symmetric +/-12 VDC power supply has been designed for audio applications, can power up microphone pre-amplifier, audio buffers, audio mixer, distributions amplifier, headphone amplifier, VU meter and few o other equipment or projects required dual supply.


  • Mains supply input 240 VAC
  • Step Down Transformer 15-0-15V AC @ 350mA.
  • Output +/- 12 VDC Dual, 350 mA
  • Regulated Low ripple DC output
  • Earth connection for chassis ground
  • Onboard regulator for stable supply
  • Dual output LED indication
  • Supply input & output via screw terminal connector
  • Dual unregulated output +/- 22 VDC via berg connector







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Would you please send me the PCB layout files, i need to make this dual power supply for a project at work.


please send me the PCB layout files, i need to make 12volt dc power change in 12-0-12 power supply for a project

Farhan Shams

may i send u

Brajesh Rajawat

I want ac power supply 0 to 12 volt for my project was it is help ful

Rishabh Upadhyay

I want to buy a +- 15 volt dual power supply or +-20 volt dual power supply, for project work.
can you help please?

vinay Vishwakarma

just change the voltage regulator in circuit with 78xx & 79xx where xx ins required voltage


Kindly send me layout file of dual power supply 12v dc


hello, can i do this project but with a transformer 120-24 V? I cant find one that is 120-30 V.


approximately how much is that ouput voltaje? i think that it will give me like 10V


Thank you all for the time that it took to answer my questions, i really aprecciate it.


HI, adrianhuidobro

This power supply will work perfectly with 24V (12-0-12) Transformer, and it will provide +/-12V DC.

This project has bridge rectifier and usually during each half cycle the current flows through two diodes instead of just one so the amplitude of the output voltage is two voltage drops ( 2 x 0.7 = 1.4V ) less than the input VMAX amplitude. The ripple frequency is now twice the supply frequency (e.g. 100Hz for a 50Hz supply. Peak V is theoretically ~1.414 times the RMS voltage. So if you use 12-012 Transformer output would be 12X1.4= +/-16.8V DC Approx. 7812 and 7912 regulate the voltage and provides +/-12V DC.


Rishabh Upadhyay,

If you wish to use this power supply for different voltages,
You will have to change the regulator Part no & Transformer voltages as per bellow details
For +/-5V DC Output
Regulator LM7805 & LM7905 and AC transformer 5-0-5 V AC to 12-012 VAC

For +/-15V DC Output
Regulator LM7815 & LM7915 and AC transformer 18-0-18 VAC

For +/-18V DC Output
Regulator LM7818 & LM7918 and AC transformer 24-0-24 VAC


Hello, what about for Transformer Secondary out of 37V 0 37V, what is the regulator for +/- DC Output to be use?

Please Email me ,Thank you

Jacob Newman

is it possible for this power supply to have 2 outputs i.e. able to have 2 wires leaving it which both supply a voltage?


can i use 12 0 12 @1amp transformer

Arnav Jain

How can i get 4 amperes with this power supply, as the ics are rated at 1amp Max i cant get a transformer which is more than that, so i need more amperes

sourabh Khanke

I want to order the circuit in 20 quantity urgently
8623050207 call me or WhatsApp me


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