Dual 90V/10A Unregulated Power Supply

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This project is designed to provide symmetrical output unregulated, high voltage, high current for your demanding needs.  Right choice for Audio Amplifiers, Power Drivers, Motor Drivers.

Additional precautions must be taken as this power supply uses mains voltage. Build it only if you know what you are dealing with.


  • Input – maximum 65 VAC center-tap, 10Amp
  • Symmetrical unregulated, individually fused outputs
  • 10A bridge rectifier on board
  • LED indication for both the outputs
  • PCB mounted LUGS for connecting of input and output
  • Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each
  • PCB Dimensions 154 mm x 84 mm



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Bob Kondner


Very simple but you might want to consider a In-Rush limiter. I don’t know how “Stiff” you AC input is but you could get a lot of current as you turn on power. Caps and diodes don’t like that.

I have used inrush devices like this: http://www.ametherm.com/

You can buy them from Mouser and Digikey. I use these in off line AC to DC supplies. They seriously reduce the spark you get when you connect to 120VAC!

For general power supply schematics (small supplies) you might look at http://www.sunduino.com where I have some schematics.

Bob K.


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