One Channel InfraRed Remote Controller

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One Channel Infra-Red Remote and receiver with onboard Relay provides normally open and normally closed output. The project based on PIC12F683 Microcontroller from Microchip , TSOP1738 used as Infra-Red receiver. Micro-controller decodes the RC5 serial data coming from TSOP1738 and provides high output if the data is valid. The output can be set Momentary or Latch using on board Jumper (J1) and closure. The board provided with 3 LEDs, Power LED, Valid Transmission LED and Output LED. This Remote works with switch No1 of RC5 Remote.


  • Power Supply Remote  2X AA Batteries
  • Power Supply Receiver  7-12V DC
  • Current Consumption Receiver 30mA
  • Onboard jumper for momentary and latch operation selection
  • Transmitter range 10-15 feet
  • RC5 (Philips) Remote
  • Onboard power LED
  • Onboard output ON/OFF  LED
  • Onboard Valid Transmission LED
  • Onboard 5V regulator
  • PCB Dimensions 59.06 MM X 29.53 MM



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  • Raj

    Can you share the source code for this project too?

    5 years ago
    • Electronics Lab

      We are sorry, source code isn’t available at this moment.

      5 years ago
  • Can I replace the PIC12F683 for PIC12F675?

    4 years ago
    • Electronics Lab

      You have to check if PIC12F675 has enough program memory to upload the .hex file

      4 years ago
  • Ovais

    I want to do this a project, but how would I test if this works? From what I’ve been told this would not work on TV’s unless I open those up and match the infra-red signals…

    3 years ago
    • admin

      This board will work with any RC5 remote control by pushing button no 1.

      3 years ago

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