Rigol DG952 2-Ch 50MHz Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator

Rigol DG952 2-Ch 50MHz Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator


The Rigol DG952 50MHz Dual Channel Function Generator, although value-priced, provides highly-accurate 16-bit standard and arbitrary waveforms point by point from its huge 16Mpt memory.  Most other AWGs are only 14-bit or less.  With a sampling rate of 250MSa/sec, this versatile signal source produces precise, very low jitter waveforms (High frequency stability: ±1 ppm; low phase noise: -105 dBc/Hz).  A 4.3” Touch Display provides exceptional control and waveform viewing.  The Touch-enabled user-interface design provides a brand new operation experience, even supporting tap and drag operations. You can also use the keyboard to complete the parameter settings.

No cooling fan is required due to very clever ergonomic and functional case design, so audible noise is non-existent!  The unit can output 1.0mVpp to 10Vpp into 50ohm to 10MHz, to 5Vpp at 25MHz, and up to +/- 2.5Vpp at 50MHz. Analog and digital modulation functions include: AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK, and PWM.  Arbitrary waveform sequence and waveforms also can be generated or edited through the available PC software. Also included is a built-in 7 digit 240MHz bandwidth full-featured frequency counter.  Up to 160 built-in arbitrary waveforms cover the common signals in most engineering applications, medical electronics, auto electronics, math processing, and other fields.


  • Unique SiFi II (Signal Fidelity II) technology: generate the arbitrary waveforms point by point; recover the signal without distortion; sample rate accurate and adjustable; jitter of all the output waveforms (including  Sine, Pulse, etc.) as low as 200 ps
  • 6 Mpts memory depth per channel for arbitrary waveforms
  • Standard dual-channel with the same performance, equivalent to two independent signal sources
  • High frequency stability: ±1 ppm; low phase noise: -105 dBc/Hz
  • Built-in high-order harmonic generator (at most 8-order harmonics)
  • Built-in 7 digits/s, 240 MHz bandwidth full featured frequency counter
  • Up to 160 built-in arbitrary waveforms, covering the common signals in engineering application, medical electronics, auto electronics, math processing, and other various fields
  • Sample rate up to 250 MSa/s, vertical resolution 16 bits
  • Arbitrary waveform sequence editing function available; arbitrary waveforms also can be generated through the PC software
  • Various analog and digital modulation functions: AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK, and PWM.
  • Standard waveform combine function, capable of outputting specified waveforms combined with the basic waveforms
  • Standard channel tracking function, when enabled, all the parameters of both channels are updated based on users’ configurations
  • USB Host&Device interface (standard); USB-GPIB function supported
  • 4.3” TFT color touch screen
  • RS232, PRBS, and Dualtone outputs supported

The DG952 is an excellent, versatile 16-bit dual-channel 50MHz signal generator with a performance and feature set normally reserved for much more expensive instruments.

Optional Accessories:  40dB Attenuator RA5040K; USB-GPIB Interface Converter USB-GPIB-L

The DG952 is on sale for $599 on saelig.com and more information is available: www.rigol.eu

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