R&S NGP800 Power Supplies Offer up to Four Independent Channels in a Single Instrument

R&S NGP800 Power Supplies Offer up to Four Independent Channels in a Single Instrument


Rohde & Schwarz released the R&S NGP800 family of power supplies, which include two and four channel models. Channels can be operated fully independently or synchronized, and features include a 5” high-resolution touch screen, which also displays detailed statistics. The devices offer voltages up to 250V, currents up to 80A, and power up to 800W. Each channel supplies up to 200W with a maximum of 20A or 64V, also covering 48V automotive and industrial applications.

A tracking function makes it possible for users to adjust voltage and current simultaneously on selected channels, with programmable output delays used to meet specific power-up sequences. The supplied voltage can be ramped up to the required level in any period from 10 ms to a minute. All outputs operate in either constant voltage mode or constant current mode.

It is possible to set up changes in voltage and current level over time, using the QuickArb function, which can simulate unstable power supplies with the R&S NGP800. Using Remote Sensing, users can regulate the voltage directly at the input terminals of the powered device itself, instead of the power supply’s output terminals.

Moreover, the R&S NGP800 includes functions for logging voltage, current and power values over time for all outputs. Data logs can easily be exported as .CSV files for in-depth analysis or documentation needs. The settings for all channels and functions can also be stored and recalled at the touch of a button, and even exported as a file to other R&S NGP800 to duplicate the power setup. All R&S NGP800 power supplies include overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection and overpower protection.

more information: www.rohde-schwarz.com

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