WellPCB – A Low Cost PCB Prototyping and PCB Assembly Service

WellPCB – A Low Cost PCB Prototyping and PCB Assembly Service


The dream of every maker and innovator out there is to make a product that will be usable by potential users. For hardware-based products and devices, the first step in achieving this is to develop a prototype and then move from there. The prototype will involve making a circuit diagram on a breadboard and then commence to make a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) for the circuit under construction. After checking the PCB quality, PCB Assembly can begin for large-scale manufacturing.

Many makers and engineers want to fabricate PCBs for a custom, prototype, or one of a kind project, but they often can not afford to have them manufactured in volume. WellPCB is a company that offers very “affordable” Printed Circuit Board Fabrication and PCB Assembly Turnkey Services. WellPCB not only offer PCB manufacturing in large scale, but they also offer PCB prototyping starting from $3.99 for a 1 – 2 layers board, unlike most PCB makers that have pricing starting at $5 and above.

WellPCB is offering the following services:

  • PCB Prototype
  • PCB Assembly
  • Flex and Rigid-Flex, and
  • Design files check and review

Ordering Process

Getting started with WellPCB is as simple as purchasing an item from an online store and getting it delivered to you. The steps to order a PCB fabrication are highlighted below:

  • Visit the site www.wellpcb.com and fill the online instant quote,
  • Fill user details on the price form,
  • Upload your Gerbers,
  • Add the quote to cart,
  • Register a new account (not needed for existing users)
  • Order your item and wait for it to be delivered.
WellPCB Online Ordering Process


WellPCB accepts 4 kinds of file formats (.gerber (Gerber in RS-274-X), .pcb, .pcbdoc, .brd file format) for PCB Prototype Manufacturing and they do perform full DRC check of all client’s files. If your PCB design has a issue, the user is promised to be notified to avoid waste of time and money in manufacturing of the board. The WellPCB team will even offer to work with users to correct the files, so they are suitable for manufacturing.
PCB and PCBA Capabilities
WellPCB also offers flexible PCB Capability, so if wearable is what you are looking for, then WellPCB might be your best bet. Furthermore, you don’t need to order bare board PCB from one supplier and rush to another supplier to have solder stencil made or rush to yet another supplier for PCB assembly. WellPCB provides all of these with scalable, affordable PCB assembly and also mass quantity production from one board to thousands of boards.

Board Quality

Board quality is one of the most important factors, especially when moving from prototyping to volume manufacturing. A poorly made board can ruin a product success. WellPCB follows a standard quality check during making of PCBs and assembling of boards. According to WellPCB:

  • All products follow the IPC Standards
  • All products follow the ROHS&REACH standards

WellPCB also offers different board specifications for a users wanting a custom or special requirement.

Lead Time – On Time Delivery

WellPCB can make boards up to 32 layers; this should cater for most (if not all) user needs. Their lead time is remarkable; Standard normal lead time is 3 – 5 days and Expedited lead time 24 – 48 hours. For PCB assembly and large volume manufacturing, lead time can be around 25 days (sometimes more), a remarkable time for large volume PCB assembly as compared to other PCB assembly manufacturers.


WellPCB is offering an amazing promotion for their PCB services from  April 1 — June 30, 2018. PCB prices above $5 will scale down to $3.99 for users looking for 1-2 layers, 10pcs prototypes, and board of less than 10cm*10cm. Users that will register on their site can also get a $100 coupon for their purchase. This coupon will be available for use when the user exceeds a certain amount in their cart.

Sample Product and Package Display

Below are some samples of PCB boards, and PCB assembly done by WellPCB.

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