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LM 317 Calculator
author: Mike Putnam



Calculate LM317 Resistor Values

This calculator is used to find the value of the voltage adjustment resistor required to set the output of an LM317 to a specified level. Typically R1 is 220 ohms or 240 ohms, but it could be some other value. Check the Data Sheet for more information regarding this. Select a value for R2 and hit the Calculate button. The LM317 output value is reported in volts.

Note: The input voltage to the LM317 must be at least 1.5v greater than the output voltage.

Note2: You can get ridiculous values with the right combination of R1 and R2. Please note the actual capability of the device from the Data Sheet.

R1 resistor

R2 resistor

Output Voltage



120x90 spot



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