7 Segment LED Based SPI Display using 74HC595

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Single Digit Big Display module using 74HC595 IC project will display large size 7 segment single digit number. 3.5inch height, which can be visible over large distance.  More digit can be connected serially to each other easily trough connector.

This circuit is a single digit seven segment big display using a set of 5 LEDs per segment and a shift register for easy control by micro-controller input. Each of the LEDs used in this project are 5mm high glow type.


  • A ULN2003 IC helps sink higher current flowing through the LEDs to grounds.
  • Resistor R1 to R8 are current limiting Resistors for the LEDs connected in series.
  • CN1 Connector is Data In connector
  • CN2 Connector is optional Data Out Connector if you need to stack more than 1 single display board in series
  • +V CN1 & CN2 should be connected to higher voltage to drive the LEDs
  • VCC Should be connected to 5V DC. This supply can be source from host controller
  • Each Segment made up of 5LEDs
  • Series Current limiting resistor provide on each segment
  • Series latched type display using SPI protocol
  • Separate Header Connecter for connection input/output
  • Four Mounting holes 3.2MM each
  • PCB Dimension’s 125MM X 58MM

Schematic 7-segment-led-based-spi-display-using-74hc595-schematic

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    1. This display can be used anywhere a big display is needed. This kind of display can be seen from several meters away. Example applications are digital clocks, thermometers, electronic games etc

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