New Allwinner V5 Linux based SBC comes with Detection Capability

New Allwinner V5 Linux based SBC comes with Detection Capability


Lindenis Tech. Ltd, a Chinese startup has released a new 130 x 85mm single board computer called Lindenis Allwinner V5 which runs on Linux and comes packed with a new quad-core cortex A7 1.5GHz processor which is built for 4k 30fps (Linux) cameras, a custom VPU, a dual ISP, and an AIE intelligent analytic acceleration engine handling motion detection, perimeter defense, video diagnosis, face detection, flow statistics and binocular depth maps.

Compared to other Allwinner H3 boards and other various NanoPi and Orange Pi models, the price is quite high and thinking of the modest features such as 1GB RAM, and a lack of standard wireless or eMMC, it seems the high price comes from its camera and vision analytics capability.

The AIE feature comes with two vision Engines – the Embedded Vision Engine and Computer Vision Engine.

The Embedded Vision Engine comes with a 360p detection resolution, has a minimum single-image detection of 64 x 64 pixel and a maximum 4K resolution input and internal scaling which supports region detection.It is also designed for rigid target detection like the human face, head, shoulders.

While the Computer Vision Engine is designed to detect moving targets such as cars, pedestrians, animals and supports a minimum 8 x 8 pixel for small object detection and a maximum image of 720p and has a D1 rate of up to 10fps. The Perimeter Intruder detection supports maximum warning region numbers of 32 and combining calibration algorithm and it can classify people and cars. It also provides support for warning line single/dual direction detection.

Lindenis Allwinner V5

The board runs Linux 4.4 as well as Linbian OS based on Debian 9 stack which supports its AIE engine with compute library, Tensorflow, OpenCV and GStreamer with hardware acceleration. It also supports various applications such as panoramic, 3D/VR, as well as other smart cameras such as the smart IPC, VLPR, car DVR and various facial recognition applications.

The Lindenis V5 SBC comes with a Gigabit Ethernet port and optional Wi-Fi/Bluetooth for communications, microSD card and optional eMMC. It also has an audio jack, dual mic inputs, an MIPI-DSI interface for an optional 5-inch LCD – dual MIPI-CSI connectors for an optional 4K ready, 8- megapixel camera module with Sony IMX317 sensor and an HDMI 1.4 port which enables 4K 30fps video output.

The Lindenis V5 also has an RPi compatible 40-pin header and comes with 4 USB 2.0 ports, onboard headers for ADC and 12S, a micro USB port for power input (5V) and a 3.7V li-lion battery connector which makes it quite larger than the Raspberry Pi.

Lindenis V5 wiki, Lindenis V5 shopping page, Lindenis community site and Lindenis Tech. website provides further information.

The SBC is available for $73 in China.

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