Arduino Wristwatch

Arduino Wristwatch


This simple digital watch is inspired by the Eiriks Binary Wrist Watch from Sverd Industries! Check it out if you didn’t already. by Marijo Blažević

Watch uses the same microcontroller as one on Arduino UNO – super hackable and easy to use! In this tutorial, I’ll be showing how you can make your own programmable wristwatch – from the design process to sourcing parts, soldering and programming.

Measuring thickness at only 10 mm this wristwatch can last for a couple of years on one CR2032 battery and keep extremely precise time and even compensate for temperature using DS3231 Real Time Clock (RTC) chip with built-in crystal!

To show the time we will use 12 LED’s positioned in a circle like a simple analog watch face. for that, I picked size 0603 RED led’s coupled with fairly high value (680 Ohm) resistors keeping the current low and still visible in direct sunlight.

Arduino Wristwatch – [Link]

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