BK9801 – AC Bench Power Supply with 300 V, 1.5 A output

BK9801 – AC Bench Power Supply with 300 V, 1.5 A output


The BK9801 is a programmable AC Power Source and measurement tool delivers a maximum of 1500VA through the universal line output terminals on the front and the output connector on the rear. The output can be varied from 0 to 300V with 0.1V programming resolution. The output frequency can also be adjusted from 45 to 500Hz with start and stop phase angle from 0 to 360°. The bright VFD display shows Vrms, Irms, Ipeak, frequency, power factor (PF), apparent power, true power and elapsed output time. The AC source provides a power line disturbance (PLD) simulator, list mode and sweep mode for simulation of common power grid faults and disturbances. A built-in dimmer function is also available for testing motors and LEDs. It is suitable for evaluating transformers, TRIACs, SCRs and passive components as well as production, R&D, service and pre-compliance testing.


  • Adjustable phase angle control
  • Built-in PLD and dimmer simulation
  • Voltage and frequency sweep mode
  • Pre-compliance testing for voltage dips & frequency simulation according to IEC61000-4-11/4-14/4-28 common applications
  • Downloadable LabVIEW driver and soft panel software for remote control
  • Standard USB (USBTMC-compliant), RS232, LAN

The AC power supply is priced at £1,806.00

more information: www.bkprecision.com

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