Commercialization of the first Sigfox Monarch board based on the HT Micron iMCP HT32SX chip

Commercialization of the first Sigfox Monarch board based on the HT Micron iMCP HT32SX chip

The “Société Nationale des Objets Connectés” (SNOC) has begun commercializing a « breakout » prototype board, based on the brand-new MCO iMCP HT32SX from Brazilian manufacturer HT Micron®.

Thanks to its small size, high performance and low power consumption, the BRKHTS32SX board allows you to start a connected device project, compatible with Sigfox’s Monarch global mobile asset tracking service.

The Sigfox Monarch feature makes IoT devices aware of the local radio configuration (RC) to use. A single device can thus lawfully communicate on the Sigfox network even when moving between countries with different radio regulations. The device automatically chooses the appropriate radio configuration without human intervention.

Wishing to provide a simple and very accessible development solution for professional, educational and “Makers” market, SNOC has created the BRKHT32SX board that can be programmed directly via the integrated USB link.

This new MCO (Multicomponent Integrated Circuit) chip supports the Sigfox Monarch communication protocol with an STM S2-LP low-consumption transceiver and has an STM32L052 programmable processor (ARM Cortex M0 + 32 bits) on board.

Ideal for creating a smart sensor, this card allows you to integrate and use the Sigfox low-power wide-area network (LPWAN), compatible for all geographical areas of the globe.

The BRKHT32SX board allows very versatile uses: from prototype development to small series production of connected solutions.

A real alternative to mobile networks or Wi-Fi, the Sigfox OG network, deployed in more than 70 countries, makes it possible to economically convey data from connected objects in real time.

The card is bundled in a kit comprised of an adapted antenna and a one-year subscription to the Sigfox service.

It is designed and made in France on-site, and is available for 39.90€, excluding tax, on our e-shop dedicated to IoT “Makers”:

The iMCP HT32SX component alone is also available and distributed by SNOC.

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