A catalog of 125 Linux hacker boards from linuxgizmos.com

A catalog of 125 Linux hacker boards from linuxgizmos.com


linuxgizmos.com 2019 spring edition catalog of hacker-friendly SBCs under $200 that run Linux or Android offers updated descriptions, specs, and pricing for 125 SBCs and is published yesterday. The fellow website sets two big questions for 2019: Is it time for AI, and what about those tariffs?

This is the latest catalog of 125 community-backed Linux and Android SBCs compiled from linuxgizmos.com. They have compiled the essential prices, features, and comparisons to help you vote based on various aspects. They have updated the blurbs and the comparison spreadsheet with new pricing and in some cases, feature changes, and added descriptions of new boards.

Catalog listing

The selection criteria are the same as last year, with a limit of 15 boards per vendor. (We’ve combined some of the similar Orange Pi and NanoPi boards to fit under this limit.) There is also a similar, loosely defined requirement to check off most of our open source boxes ranging from community resources to strong open source software support to open schematics and open licensing.

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